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Home Caretaking

When Your Home is Vacant

A vacant property can give the illusion that the owner is desperate and will take a lower price. A well-maintained, occupied house or condo sells more quickly than a vacant home. Caretakers keep your home in show-able condition at all times, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere free of cobwebs and dust.

Insurance Coverage | Is it valid if your home is vacant?

Most homeowners think as long as they pay their insurance premiums their home is protected from fire, theft and vandalism, but this is usually not the case. If your house is vacant most policies have clauses cancelling protection for damage caused by frozen pipes and coverage for vandalism usually ceases after 30 days.

Fire protection on vacant homes, if provided at all, could be at rates four or more times greater than you presently pay. Be sure to check your policy to see what protection you do (or don't) have. A caretaker living in your home can help you keep that valuable protection.

About AHC's | Home Caretakers

Our caretakers are mature, responsible adults who have been fully screened. They must furnish references and we require that they be insured. No pets, no smokers or children are allowed. They understand it is the caretaker's job to cooperate fully and assist your listing agent to sell the property.

Depending on the size of your home, caretakers usually pay half your heat and power bills, and are responsible for their own telephone and cable services.

Home Caretaking | How It Works

AHC makes all the arrangements to place a temporary caretaker in your house or condo until it's sold.

The caretaker provides his or her own furtinture and keeps your home in "show-able" condition at all times.

The caretaker moves out just as soon as the home sells — on notice as short as two weeks, if neccessary.

Contact Us | More Information

Please Contact AHC for more details on our Home Caretaking program.