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Our Lease Requirements

The following information explains the criteria that we use to screen our tenants. Please note that the following information is general criteria only. For more specific criteria on a given property, please contact AHC directly.

General | Requirements

  • Current Photo ID
  • Each adult applicant must complete and sign a separate AHC Rental Application unless they are a married couple sharing the same last name.
  • All applications will be screened by a professional tenant screening company at the applicant’s expense. Screening fees are: $35 per each applicant.

Rental | History

  • A minimum of 2 years verifiable rental history from a 3rd party landlord (not a relative) - OR - a minimum 2 year verifiable history of home ownership.

The following infractions will result in automatic denial:

  • Four or more late payments of rent or mortgage within a 12 month period.
  • Two or more NSF checks within a 12 month period.
  • Rental history reflecting any unpaid past due rent.
  • Any unlawful detainer action or eviction within the last 3 years.
  • Rental history reflecting more than $750 damage.
  • Rental history with complaints (disturbance or other) if the manager would not re-rent.
  • Any past incidence of an unauthorized person or pets in a property if the manager would not re-rent.

Similar infractions, but of less severity, might be approved with one or more of the following additional guaranties:

  • A qualified co-signer or roommate.
  • An additional amount of Security Deposit.
  • First AND last month’s rent paid prior to occupancy.

Credit | History

  • A minimum of 2 years current, good credit.

The following conditions will result in automatic denial:

  • Outstanding bad debts in excess of $20,000 being reported on credit report.
  • Excessive collections (6 or more) (with some exceptions for medical collections).
  • Outstanding debt or collection to property management or landlord.
  • Any bankruptcy not showing as discharged (After a discharged bankruptcy, applicant must show 6 months of positive, established credit).
  • A majority of applicant’s current accounts are charged off or more than sixty days past due.
  • Outstanding bad debts not at the “automatic denial” level might be approved with additional guaranties from the applicant.

Employment History | & Income Requirements

  • Two year history of current, verifiable employment with a household income equal to 3 times the monthly rent - OR - if self-employed, retired or otherwise unemployed, income must be verified through tax returns, bank statements or other valid documents.
  • A current paycheck stub will be required if employer will not verify income over the phone.

Criminal | History

  • Any criminal offense of a physical or violent nature against either person or property will result in an automatic denial.
  • Any criminal conviction within the last 10 years will result in denial.
  • If the criminal offense took place more than 10 years ago or if the person has been out of jail/prison more than 5 years AND has perfect credit and rental history, they may be approved ONLY if the offense was not a violent one and there were not multiple offenses.

AHC Rental Application | PDF Format, 750 KB

You can fill-out this application online. Simply place your cursor in the first box ("Applicant's Last Name") and type. Press tab on your keyboard to advance to the next form field.

Thank you for applying to lease a home from America's Home Caretakers!